Shane Scott


Shane Scott
  1. Please describe any qualifications and past job experience that has prepared you to serve effectively as a Mayor or Councilmember of San Marcos? 

I have had the opportunity to previously serve on City Council from 2010 through 2015.  During my time on Council I obtained significant insights into how the city operates.  Since being off Council, I understand more clearly the impact that policies and decisions of the City Council have on the day to day lives of our small businesses and our citizens.  Since moving to San Marcos some 30 years ago after completion of my time in the Air Force, I attended college here, started a small business and raised a family in San Marcos.  Our city has all the right parts to be a great place to live, work and play.  But, we need responsible leadership that understands how to make it work for the benefit of everyone, not just a select few.  I believe my background and experience make me the most qualified person in this race.


  1. What do you believe are the two most pressing concerns currently affecting business in San Marcos and what will you do to correct/overcome them?

Over regulation and its cost to our small businesses is one of the biggest concerns I have affecting business here in San Marcos.  It’s tough enough for our small business owners to compete in this world with competition online and from large regional, national and international companies.  We see local businesses struggling to make ends meet and some ultimately fail many times blaming our City’s enforcement of rules created by our City Council.   I want to be an advocate for our business community, their employees and their families by eliminating unnecessary governmental control and removing fees that do not enhance and promote the success of our local businesses.


  1. How will you involve the business community in citywide discussions and bridge the gap between private citizens and the local business community on issues that impact the business/economic environment and other vital issues that affect San Marcos?

First of all, a private citizen should have minimal say into what a business wants to do unless it truly has a negative impact on their life and or property.  Correspondingly, business should be afforded the opportunity to sink or swim without undue burden from the City government.  I believe we have a very robust effort being made to inform all citizens of all actions being taken by our City government.  Additionally, the new land development code provides significantly greater notifications and meeting requirements for any new development.  Let’s let the code work then, if necessary, change it.


  1. What can the City do to encourage existing business growth and new business attraction?

Businesses looking to make an investment in San Marcos look at our approval processes and our actions before they make their decision to invest and ultimately locate here.  We need to have an attitude in the city that we are “open for business.”  Additionally, we need to ensure consistency, reliability and certainty in the development process.


  1. If elected what will you do to further/strengthen the relationship between the City of San Marcos and Texas State University?

We should continue the communication and interaction of the City Manager and the Mayor with Texas State that we have already established to work through whatever problems we encounter and take advantage of what opportunities we have to work together.  We should continue to promote StarPark, Bobcat Build, river cleanups and the possibility of a combined transportation system.  We have recently entered into a joint bikeshare program that shows continued efforts to work together for a better San Marcos.


  1. What can city government do to help protect and serve our small business community?

I think you have this backwards. It is not the government’s job to cater to business, it’s government’s job to stay out of the way unless there are safety and welfare issues that must be addressed.


  1. What improvements do you believe are needed for adequate transportation infrastructure in San Marcos? Please list them in your priority order with a brief description.

One option would be a north and south parking area on the edge of the city where out of town students can park and be bussed to and from campus to reduce congestion inside the city.  Additionally, as we face growth within the city and on the western part of Hays County, we need to build a loop around the city to allow traffic going to IH35 to reach the interstate without having to pass through our neighborhoods and our downtown.


  1. As mayor/councilmember you will be responsible for approving the annual budget, please describe your approach to the budget process and list one thing you would change from the FY 2018 approved budget.

I would add more funding to our summer youth programs.  We need to keep our children occupied in productive ways throughout the summer months.  These children are our future and their lives must be considered as critical to a thriving city.


  1. Decisions at the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council seem to continually have a particularly negative impact to small business owners. What will you do to help solve this problem?

I will look to appoint level-headed individuals that consider the impact of their decisions on the entire city.  Currently, this Council has appointed a group of commissioners whose single purpose mindset is to stop or hinder small business, reduce housing options inside the city resulting in increased tax burdens on our citizens and opposing mobility solutions that will only create an Austin-like gridlock.  It takes 4 votes to appoint any commissioner.  The City Council should consist of councilmembers who understand the implication of trying to avoid the consequences of our inevitable growth by ignoring that it’s coming.


  1. A major issue facing San Marcos is housing availability; lack of workforce housing, and housing affordability and diversity, if elected what actions would you take to help solve this problem?

We need to put in place policies that promote the development of a full selection of residential development close to necessary services and people’s work. Increased supply of housing options strategically located inside our city will reduce traffic, work to bend the curve on skyrocketing valuation increases of people’s homes and satisfy a growing need for housing that is affordable to our working population.  I am against using taxpayer dollars to subsidize housing as a first line effort to solve this problem in our community.


  1. If you received a $1 million grant to use for the city any way you wanted, what would you do with it and why?

Set up scholarships in business for students.


  1. Please use this opportunity to provide any additional information you would like members of the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce to know.

I am a small business owner that has raised a family here in San Marcos.  I have served this community on the dais as a city council member for 5 years.  I experience every day the consequences that policies and decisions this city makes and the consequences it has on our business community.  I am ready, willing, able and prepared to serve on day one as your next City Councilmember and I ask for your vote.