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Since 1903 the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce has been a catalyst for economic growth and prosperity. The Chamber strives to be the unified voice of business that advocates, promotes and inspires business and leaders in the Greater San Marcos Area.

Serving more than 500 members, representing over 13,000 people, the chamber is here to cultivate an environment that allows business to thrive and the community to prosper.


Mission Statement:

To improve the economic prosperity and quality of life of our members through leadership, education and business advocacy.

Vision Statement:

The San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce is a leading membership organization that collaborates with stakeholders to develop an environment where businesses thrive, leadership is encouraged, students excel, housing is ample and attainable, all members are active and quality of life is a priority.

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Chamber History:

The San Marcos Chamber of Commerce grew out of an organization founded in 1903, called “The Commercial Club.”  The objective of that club was the “promotion and extension of the commercial, educational, agricultural and industrial interests of San Marcos and the vicinity.  A.L Davis, a progressive young man who came to San Marcos from Dripping Springs, was the first President.  During the period from 1905 to 1907, “The Commercial Club” had a leading part in establishing San Marcos Baptist Academy.  In 1910, “The Commercial Club” became “The Chamber of Commerce” and Sam R. Kone was the first President.  It was incorporated on July 7, 1923 when Lloyd J. Johnson was President.   During the 1920’s, the Chamber focused on growth of membership, the building of Memorial Hospital, flooding issues, establishing a cotton mill, working with local hotels to correct facility problems, improving the community’s image and establishing many more important programs.

The San Marcos Chamber has continued to impact the community by focusing on issues that concern San Marcos businesses.   In the 1930’s, the Chamber focused on many important initiatives including the routing of major roads through our community and even working to prevent, in 1932, the closing of the Southwest Texas Teachers College.  During the great depression, the Chamber worked with local businesses to keep them actively engaged.  By 1935, San Marcos saw renewed building activity, strong attendance numbers at the Teachers College and the Academy and worked closely with elected officials to ensure the local economy took full advantage of the National Industrial Recovery Act.

The San Marcos Area of Commerce moved to its present location at 202 N. CM Allen Parkway in 1978. Over the years, the Chamber’s continued leadership in such vital areas as economic development, tourism, workforce development, education, transportation and public policy development, has been critical to San Marcos’ long-term success and sustainability.

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