2022 Advocacy Priorities

San Marcos is Growing!

It is critical that our elected and appointed officials look forward and support business-friendly policies that promote opportunity and foster economic growth.

Community Investment

Create and support policies that promote investment in our community and allows businesses to invest in themselves and the economic future of San Marcos.

Housing Growth and Diversity

Support opportunities that create housing stock suitable for a diversity of needs, preferences, stages of life and incomes for both present and future residents.

Transportation and Infrastructure

Support policies and investments that enable the movement of people, products and information throughout our region from expanded transit to enhancing the capacity of roadways and services.

Jobs and Opportunities

Support policies and strengthen efforts in job creation and talent development to best address the needs of an ever-expanding workforce and population, and the businesses that employ them

Open Communication

Foster and encourage open and transparent communication ensuring the representation of all constituents. Proactively engage with the Chamber of Commerce and stakeholders to allow for meaningful dialogue and proactive solutions.