Brochure Display Policy

Brochure Display

Brochure display space is reserved for Chamber members only.  Space is limited and will require the following parameters for brochures to be displayed in the Chamber office:

  • Brochures must be paper stock of sufficient weight so that the brochure does not “wilt or fold over” in the display racks.
  • Size of brochures should measure nine (9) inches in height and four (4) inches in width (standard vertical format brochure rack size) with the main message or name at the top of the brochure. Brochures of other sizes will not be displayed.
  • Brochures that are not approved for display in the brochure racks, but are beneficial to the staff for answering inquiries will be kept on hand for use as reference materials.
  • The title of your business should be in the upper third of the brochure for display purposes.
  • Professionally produced and printed brochures are preferred.
  • Storage space is limited and advertisers are responsible for self-monitoring and sufficient inventory.
  • Every effort will be made to display approved brochures. (Should rack space be limited, brochures will be rotated on an equitable basis.)

The Chamber staff will be happy to provide member resource services needed to help design or print your business brochures.

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