Participation Information FAQ:

Q:  What is the LEGIT Summer Internship Program?

A:  LEGIT Summer Internship Program is a program powered by the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with the City of San Marcos and SMCISD. This program offers summer internships to San Marcos High School sophomore and juniors.  The idea is that students will have on-the-job training, work in a real-life situation, learn job-related skills, learn soft skills, and gain experience in the workforce.

Q:  What kinds of jobs are available and what agencies are participating?

A:  City Departments (COSM), Non-Profit Agencies, and County Agencies:

Q:  When will LEGIT Summer Internship Program applications be available?

A:  Applications will be made available April 2nd online, here.

Q:  How do I apply?

A:  Complete the Google Form HERE or contact Mr. Doyle in the SMCISD CTE office by May 13th.

Q:  When are the start and end dates for the LEGIT Summer Internship Program?

A:  A student will be required to complete 100 hours of work between June 3rd through August 5th. It is up to the student to meet with their program site and discuss how to schedule their hours.  It is acceptable and for a site to require their student intern to work hours in a schedule they see fit.  A student participating in this program is only allowed one employment position and cannot change once the internship has begun.  Students may accept additional employment outside of LEGITSummer Internship Program. If a participant has an additional job, he/she will need to work with their employer to make sure they can meet all job expectations.

Additionally, students will be required to attend 2 of 3 “huddle ups,” programs designated to aid in the learning process and to provide additional learning

Q:  How will I know if I’ve been selected?

A:  All applicants will be notified by May 21st.

Q:  How are applicants selected?

A:  There will be a selection committee comprised of representatives from the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce, the City of San Marcos, and SMCISD CTE. They will review and screen applicants. The San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce will place selected applicants at an appropriate program site.

Q:  What if an applicant is NOT selected?

A:  Applying to the LEGIT Summer Internship Program does not guarantee you will be selected.  Any applicant not chosen will be prompted with other volunteer opportunities and encouraged to reapply next year.

Q: Is this a paid internship?

A:  No, the goal is that students learn the skills necessary to earn gainful employment upon completion of this program. However, the City of San Marcos has provided the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce with a grant for incentives. At this time, The San Marcos Area Chamber has partnered with Microsoft to provide program graduates with a new laptop/tablet to aid in the continued education of LEGIT graduates.

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