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San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors votes to Support upcoming San Marcos CISD Bond Propositions

Approved by the Board of Directors 04/03/2023

In recognition of the need of San Marcos CISD to maintain its commitment to our area students, and to keep San Marcos tax dollars in San Marcos, the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors supports Proposition A on the upcoming May 6th ballot, authorizing the San Marcos ISD Board of Trustees to purchase attendance credits from the state. A vote FOR Prop A would allow the district to continue to make mandatory “recapture” payments to the state. If Prop A fails, the school district would be subject to a “Detachment of Territory,” meaning tax dollars from some of San Marcos’ largest employers would be removed permanently from the San Marcos CISD taxing district and sent to a different community in Texas. Additionally, a vote against Prop A will likely mean an increase in taxes on our residents.

The San Marcos Area Chamber Board of Directors is also in support of the additional bond proposals, Props B, C, and D. We feel these would allow for the San Marcos CISD to make the needed improvements to create a safe and equitable environment for all students, while keeping the tax burden on residents relatively low.

San Marcos Chamber Board of Directors Letter of Support

San Marcos CISD 2023 Bond Election Information